Made-to-measure consulting services

You don’t always need to outsource entire events. Sometimes you just need a knowledgeable partner to share their network and expertise as needed, or to handle individual tasks.

We have many years of experience as customers ourselves, so we understand your needs – and are happy to help you wherever and whenever you need us. Just like an in-house event department, we help you to find answers and solutions to both the big and little questions, as needed. We know the challenges – and how to simplify internal decision-making processes. We can provide consulting services exclusively at the concept stage, or serve as an interface for coordinating all the service providers involved in the event. We can negotiate on your behalf, or even operate so discreetly that we blend in seamlessly within your company. Whatever it takes to maximise your success.

We believe that an expensive creative concept does not necessarily mean you will achieve your goals. There is a lot more to live communications. Although it is indeed becoming more and more important in our experience-driven, globalised society, live communication is also becoming more specialised, technical and digital and require in-depth know-how on all sides. Events involve a lot of money, high standards of creativity, high expectations and a virtually unmanageable range of service providers to choose from.

In this process, we offer you as much consultation as you wish and handle as much of the workload as you want us to. We produce professional briefings and tender documents on your behalf. We prepare the offers from the service providers to make them comparable for you. We organise the tendering and pitch for you. We represent your interests throughout the organising process and handle project monitoring and reporting. We are happy to advise you on sourcing and procurement. When selecting event service providers, what factors need to be taken into account to ensure you get top value for money? We can also take an outside, objective look at your company’s event strategy and show you how to use events even more effectively.